About Me

Vital Stats

Name:  Tom Fairchild
Age:  33
Nationality:  American
Current Residence: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Years Lived Abroad:  12
Countries Visited:  50+
Previous Profession:  Yacht Captain
Highest Elevation:  Kala Patthar, Nepal 5,644m (18,519 ft)
Lowest Elevation:  Shipwreck of the Bianca C, Grenada, -50m (-165 ft)
Favourite Methods of Travel:  Sail and Motorcycle
Can't Live Without:  Good music - what's life without a soundtrack?


Photography has been a great way to meet some amazing new people and see some amazing new places.  Making and recording memories has become more than a passion and is now my raison d'être.  In the studio taking glamorous beauty shots, out in the world for environmental portraits, walking the streets in search of real life, on a boat sailing across an ocean, or in a theatre for a live event, I've always been happiest with a camera to my eye and my finger on the shutter.  Many photographers believe in focusing in one discipline but I have found that my wide range of photographic skills makes for better pictures overall, whether that means better portraits of locals while traveling or more natural shots of professional models on location.

After living in Macau, SAR China, for over 5 years, I have finally returned to the United States where I reside in Las Vegas, NV.  Contact me for any intriguing assignments, availability worldwide.